The unimportance of it all.

17th July 2016
Forward Slash

We strive every day to be heard, to be listened to or sometimes to be left alone but in essence we want something our way. For many photographers we hear the chant of "I want to get the best image I can" this generally is a thinly disguised "I want people to like me" shout. The appearance of this mantra is seen in the competitions and social media I'll like yours if you like mine merry go round as well as those around them goading them on with that's good you should do it professionally.

Just do it for the enjoyment, no really just for the enjoyment, your enjoyment. Most people don't get this, really don't get this by a fucking mile, by a million fucking miles.

They comment on how they only got so many hits for an image or it was used by the BBC for the weather without paying for it. Good images may never make it around the world on its viral travels but a good image is a good image and the only one who decides its a good image is you. No one on this planet can say yes or no apart from yourself, there are too many genre of photography for an individual to judge your effort, your work, your interpretation. Others may say they don't like it but who out there actually has the mandate to be the image police.

Photography as a business is huge and images in this modern world are instant transient 15 seconds of fame that change quicker than the emperors clothes. Most occupations outside of photography pay more per hour worked than photography itself so do not look at photography as the cash cow, look at it as Sunday football, fishing or train spotting, its something you do for personal pleasure. Real deep personal pleasure that fills your soul, refreshes your inner you, takes you to place where you stop, stand and look, breathe in the beauty of this world.

Buying a camera doesn't make you a photographer, it make you a camera owner (not my quote), the photographer bit comes later when you produce what you wanted to. Just remember its not important, in the big scheme of things on a scale of 1 to 10 how important is it, turn on the TV and see whats happening on the news and ask your self, if the answer is more than 1 get a Flickr account and fave everything

Looking for Light


All images taken using Mamiya RB67 with Ilford PanF